• Imagine a Co-living Community where it's ok to have more than 1 intimate partner at a time

    • How? With these Principles embodied


      Honest Communication

      Freedom of speech - assumption that words can't harm the others

      1h commitment every day to participate in a vulnerable forum

      Taking care for safety, to be honest

      Free Love

      Consensual Non-monogamy


      Allowing to be intimate with more than 1

      Contraception strategies

      STD-free strategies

      Living Together

      Co-living house

      200m2+ house rental within Lisbon's metro range

      10+ adults living together to bootstrap the community

      Shared facilities (to be determined in a survey what are the needs)

      Private Single/Double/Triple rooms - soundproof and visual-proof

      12 months shared legal commitment upfront

      Consensus Governance

      Decision framework

      Everyone being heard

      Special Governance Meetings

      Time Guardians

      Conflict Mediation strategies

      Learning Commitment

      Commitment to be on a journey of growth

      Nobody knows how to do it right

      Assumptions is that I don't know everything

      I'm open for possibility that there is a new "map" of the World(s)

      Openness to Feedback

      Measure to allow Learning

      To measure community health

      To reveal gaps of my own personality

      To allow learning to happen

      Support Group

      Healing requires Empathy

      It's evident you can't do it alone

      In the crisis your partners alone can't support you

      Variety of strategies

    • The Process

      How to get there



      Collect interest, preferences, opinions

      1 month


      Plan & Form

      Organize recurring governance meeting and form legal structure

      3 months


      Move In

      Assign roles and fill positions, find funding and execute the project

      2 months

    • Survey

      Help us to understand if this is possible in Lisbon

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