• Responsibility Retreat

      Take responsibility for a meaningful life.

    • 3-day Being on Retreat


      While questioning your life you want some clarity about what's happening and what else is possible for you

      You want help to deal with something personal, familiar, professional or in anyother context

      It is evident that on your own you can not find the hidden spots in your personality

      In your normal life, it's difficult to find space to focus on yourself

      Emotional work requires time and a learning environment

      You want to know and learn different personal skills

      You want clarity and transformation


      You step out of your structured life

      You trust by diving into the unknown in a creative setting

      You will meet other people wanting to do the same self discovery

      In this context you will get multiple perspectives that help you change your current story

      Through feedback and centering yourself, you take responsibility for your behavior

      There is group dynamic where you learn different ways of bonding and connecting to others




      Improvements in sociability and communication

      Increase sence of self-worth, self-respect and integrity

      Transform your concepts of anxiety and feeling stuck moments

      New insights about your personality, you get clarity and feel more present in life

      Inventiveness to come up with creative and unusual solutions in every context

      Growing cohesion and deeper connection of the group

      Socialize and interact successfully with others

      Simple and effective emotional vocabulary

      Unexpected outcomes



      "I never thought the training would include topics that touch me so much

      or would provide so many concrete solutions."

    • Principles, Framework and Tools

      "At first, it looks like an ordinary training.

      But pretty soon, during the first 2 or 3 hours, you notice that something is completely different."

      Guided Group Training

      We are all learning from each other

      Empowerment happens when someone opens up and you also feel inspired to open up. The group intimacy is built by all members as they are your accountable partners. The majority of participants stay in contact and support each other in life.




      Value of being focused

      Introducing discipline. The Venue and space are selected to not distract you. You are in control of your emotional, intellectual, physical and energetic bodies. Focus on what's alive in you so you act accordingly.


      4 Bodies
      Explore the needs of the physical, intellectual, emotional and energetic bodies.


      Unlock power of empathy

      You are holding space for other people and their communication, acknowledging that you understand by mirroring their words. This makes people overcome resistance, feel safe. You are being heard.


      Possibility Listening

      One person is speaking as much as it likes, without reaction of the other. Practice listening without judgement.


      Tools to communicate

      We practice different kinds of conversations. We give you communication tools and you learn how to be creative with your message. Find out your emotional speaking abilities, how to express yourself deeply and with clarity.

      4 Kinds of Speaking
      Neurotic speaking - small talk, cafe

      Adult speaking - you negotiate to arrive on the agreement

      Possibility speaking - you speak out loud all your thoughts and ideas without filters

      Dragon speaking - public speaking in front of the audience


      Get in touch with what's alive in you

      We draw the line between each form of feeling. We compare the outcome of the chosen behaviour. You build your intellectual and emotional vocabulary and how to be responsible for your feelings.


      4 Feelings
      Understand the 4 basic feelings of anger, sadness, fear and joy.


      Unmix Feelings
      Learn to check in your body how to separate the feelings.


      Feelings vs Emotions
      Observe yourself over time and intentionally switch attention to what serves you better.

      Instant Feedback

      Learn rapidly

      This is how you make change possible. Giving and receiving feedback is in the core of the activities. Based on the feedback you realise what you can change. The set up we create invites immediate feedback that starts the change.


      Rapid Learning
      You ask for feedback. You adjust your attitude. You ask for feedback again. Repeat until you die.


      We are all united by our stories.

      During the training, it becomes evident that alone you cannot find blind spots of your personality. By sharing we expose patterns that emerge when you avoid responsibility. You can learn from other people stories.


      Box and Being
      Others speaking about you, your personality perception, manifestation, biases and being energy.

      Taking Responsibility

      Serve yourself, your family, your community

      We guide you to transform your attitude. Find your meaning by taking the responsibility. Create the best version of your story so it serves your motivation. You commit to growing.


      Taking Responsibility
      Tell the same story with a different narrative of your responsibility.


      Possibility Team
      Learn you can ask possibilities for everything in life. here they are given.
      A group gathers to help others to reach to understanding, clarity about any situation, giving possibilities.


      Story Maker
      How is a story created?
      What do you need for a story?
      Learn how to create a different story

      Deep Process

      Going deeper than ever

      There are activities that unfold your deepest potential and help you heal the traumas. 90% of participants learn something new about themselves, something that nobody knew before, even their closest friends.


      Numbness Bar
      What are your strategies to get numb?
      You learn what is needed for you to stay present in a situation
      Feeling consciously from 0 to 100% the 4 feelings


      Completion Loop
      A communication tool where you learn how to actively listen.
      Finish a communication knowing what's really the message.

    • Videos from the past retreats

    • What participants said about it

      "Here it becomes evident that alone you cannot find the blind spots in your own personality.
      Regardless of how courageously you investigate your inner world,

      regardless of how deeply you look into your own shadows,

      you will systematically avoid seeing key elements."


      "I never thought it would be so easy to reconnect to feelings.

      I didn't know before that we actually have only four basic feelings

      and that everything else is a mixture of these feelings.

      That was completely new and interesting to me

      and it helps me use my feelings more consciously when being with other people."


    • The Retreat

      Location: 1h from Lisbon Portugal

      Trainers: We bring skilled Trainers. They spent at least 2500h to master the facilitation

    • Logistics

      Organizational details


      Herdade do Peru

      Quiet place





      Neutral to senses

      Purpose focus


      All days are planned

      Example day plan:


      Physical awakening


      Morning session (2h)


      Afternoon Session (4h)


      Evening Session (2h)


      There will be short breaks

      during the sessions

      What's Included

      All the goodies

      Accommodation in double room

      Vegetarian Food

      20 hours of training sessions in English

      Certification of completion


      The Costs

      We ask you to cover the costs

      The estimated costs for 3 days of training per person (assuming a group of 10 people):


      450€ Trainers & Organizers - 25 hours of workshops, accommodation, food, flights & logistics, content preparation. 30% of the profit goes towards facilitator training for Organizers.


      100€ Accommodation - 2 nights shared the double room


      60€ Organization costs - hosting, messaging, logistics, venue visits & hire, consultations, coordination, accommodation, transport, materials


      60€ Training Room - Hire


      80€ Food - 3 days, 3 meals


      Total estimated costs per person:



    • "I have the impression that it is the first time in my life

      that I go to a school where I learn what I really need for life.

      How do I live in relationship, family, raise my children, take care of the planet?

      We don't learn these things in school or anywhere else."

      I'm ready

    • If you can't go we would like to know about it.

      I can't go

    • Facilitators

      We bring skilled Trainers. They spent at least 2500h to master the facilitation

      Matteo Tangi


      Participated in 4 trainings ("ETB"), 10 advanced trainings ("Labs"), 5 facilitator trainings.

      Gave 15 ETB trainings, 1 advanced training, 1 facilitator trainings and 1 educational residency program


      My passion and my work are to create and facilitate safe and powerful spaces where you can rediscover yourself.

      Letting go of the usual masks and habits and experience yourself in a different way, more real, more vulnerable.

      Spaces where the mind can rest and you can allow yourself to feel and discover the beauty of your emotional wisdom.

      Spaces where your body can express, move, open itself and you can reconnect with the simplicity of life.

      Spaces where you can rediscover who you are, in all your contradictions and unicity.

    • Organizers

      People responsible for logistics to bring this training

      Joana Cruz


      I have attended 14 trainings in the last 4 years. I've organized 7 trainings in Portugal. This work helped me to take responsibility for what I want to do with my life.


      I dedicate myself to what is yet to discover about the self. Here I experience how different and knowledgeable subjects combine, giving insightful material to continue life’s owned clarity, strengthening intuition and wisdom into the future.


      This process worked for me and I have the calling be present for others in their processes too.


      I am joyfully creating spaces where people feel safe and inspired to step towards any kind of transformation, it can be physical, emotional, intellectual, behavioral, familial, you name it.

      Mariusz Kukawski

      Software Consultant

      I want to live in a world where I, my family, my community, are responsible and in control of what's happening in our life. I went through this training and it was transformational to me, so I decided to help organize the next events. I want to give you the chance to participate and it will be my pleasure to contribute to your shift.

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